ABS's 2015 Academic Journal Guide


The UK-based Association of Business Schools recently published the 2015 Academic Journal Guide (AJG) as an update to its 2010 version, sparking controversy in its press coverage. Following a study I've been performing on the impact factor of computer science journals for the past eight years based on the yearly Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge updates of its Journal Citation Reports, I decided to look at what has changed in the AJG from 2010 to 2015.

Both lists have 570 journals with the same ranking. However, the 2015 list is considerably expanded (1388 entries) from the 2010 version (825 entries). Also, many journals changed rank, and some were removed.

Journals in the top (4*) AJG category

The following 33 journals are listed in the 2015 AJG as journals of distinction; according to the report "recognised world-wide as exemplars of excellence".
Academy of Management Journal0001-4273
Academy of Management Review0363-7425
Accounting Review0001-4826
Accounting, Organizations and Society0361-3682
Administrative Science Quarterly0001-8392
American Economic Review0002-8282
American Journal of Sociology0002-9602
American Sociological Review0003-1224
Annals of Statistics0090-5364
Annual Review of Sociology0360-0572
Information Systems Research1047-7047
Journal of Accounting Research0021-8456
Journal of Accounting and Economics0165-4101
Journal of Consumer Psychology1057-7408
Journal of Consumer Research0093-5301
Journal of Finance0022-1082
Journal of Financial Economics0304-405X
Journal of International Business Studies0047-2506
Journal of Management0149-2063
Journal of Marketing0022-2429
Journal of Marketing Research0022-2437
Journal of Operations Management0272-6963
Journal of Political Economy0022-3808
MIS Quarterly0276-7783
Management Science0025-1909
Marketing Science0732-2399
Operations Research0030-364X
Organization Science1047-7039
Quarterly Journal of Economics0033-5533
Review of Economic Studies0034-6527
Review of Financial Studies0893-9454
Strategic Management Journal0143-2095

Journals dropped from the AJG in 2015

The 2015 list lacks 30 journals that were included in the 2010 list. These include three software-related journals, ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, and Information and Software Technology (disclaimer: I've published in all of them), indicating an unhealthy distancing of the AJG from software in an era where software is eating the world. Even more oddly, the 2015 list also drops Science (2013 JCR impact factor 31.5) from the list. Perhaps this is better than the indignity of listing it in the 2010 in its lowest (1) category. This can't be British spite against a stellar US publication, because the AJG also drops from the 2015 list the British Medical Journal (2013 JCR impact factor 16.3), and has never included Nature (2013 JCR impact factor 42.3).
NameISSNAJG (2010)
ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction1073-05163
ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology1049-331X2
Advances in International Accounting0897-36602
British Medical Journal1468-58331
Community Development Journal0010-38022
European Environment0961-04051
IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine1089-77711
IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering0098-55893
IEEE Transactions on Systems Man and Cybernetics Part C (Applications and Reviews)1094-69771
IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics - Part A: Systems and Humans1083-44272
IMF: Staff Papers1020-76353
Information and Software Technology0950-58492
Integrated Manufacturing Systems0957-60612
International Journal of Accounting0020-70633
International Journal of Flexible Manufacturing Systems0920-62992
International Journal of Selection and Assessment0965-075X3
Irish Marketing Review0790-73621
Journal of Advanced Nursing0309-24021
Journal of Euromarketing1049-64831
Journal of Property Research0959-99161
Journal of Public Affairs1472-38911
Journal of Public Policy and Marketing0743-91563
Journal of Targeting, Measurement and Analysis for Marketing0967-32371
Marketing Review1469-347X1
OR Insight0953-55431
Organisational and Social Dynamics1474-27801
Philosophy of Management1473-589X1
Risk Analysis: An International Journal0272-43324

Journals whose AJG classification was lowered in 2015

A relatively small number of journals (43) had their AJG classification lowered in 2015. These include ACM's flagship publication Communications of the ACM (disclaimer: I've published there), and the Harvard Business Review (disclaimer: I wish I'd had published there).
Advances in Strategic Management0742-332232
Business History0007-679143
Communications of the ACM0001-078232
Economic Issues1363-702921
Feminist Economics1354-570132
Games and Economic Behavior0899-825643
Group Decision and Negotiation0926-264432
Harvard Business Review0017-801243
Information Processing and Management0306-457332
Intelligent Systems in Accounting, Finance and Management1055-615X21
International Journal of Logistics Management0957-409321
International Journal of Logistics: Research and Applications1367-556721
International Journal of Public Sector Management0951-355821
International Journal of the Economics of Business1357-151632
International Labour Review0020-778032
International Review of Applied Economics0269-217121
International Transactions in Operational Research0969-601621
Journal of Applied Corporate Finance1078-119621
Journal of Applied Probability0021-900232
Journal of Constructivist Psychology1072-053721
Journal of Developing Areas0022-037X21
Journal of Economics and Management Strategy1058-640732
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management0095-069643
Journal of European Economic History0391-511521
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied1076-898X43
Journal of Forecasting0277-669332
Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management1741-038X21
Journal of Marketing Communications1352-726621
Journal of Marketing Management0267-257X32
Journal of Risk and Uncertainty0895-564643
Labor History0023-656X32
Manchester School1463-678632
Milbank Quarterly0887-378X43
Multinational Finance Journal1096-187921
National Institute Economic Review0027-950121
Organizational Dynamics0090-261632
Project Management Journal8756-972821
Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology1747-021843
Review of International Economics0965-757632
Social Policy and Administration0144-559632
Southern Economic Journal0038-403832
Telecommunications Policy0308-596121
Town Planning Review0041-002032

Journals added to the AJG in 2015

A large number of journals (603) were added to the list in 2015. Most of them enter the list in one of the lowest two classifications (346 classified as "1" and 182 classified as "2") diluting the guide's composition toward the bottom. Specifically, in 2010 journals classified as "1" comprised 25% of the entries, while in 2015 this figure has risen to 35%.
ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation1049-33013
AIS Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction1944-39001
ATA Journal of Legal Tax Research1543-866X1
Accident Analysis and Prevention0001-45753
Accounting Research Journal1030-96162
Accounting and the Public Interest1530-93202
Action Learning1476-73331
Advances in Accounting (incorporates"Advances in International Accounting" ISSN 0897-3660)0882-90732
Advances in Accounting Behavioral Research1475-14882
Advances in Accounting Education: Teaching and Curriculum Innovations1085-46221
Advances in Austrian Economics1529-21341
Advances in Econometrics0731-90532
Advances in Environmental Accounting and Management1479-35981
Advances in Hospitality and Leisure1745-35421
Advances in International Marketing1474-79791
Advances in Management Accounting1474-78712
Advances in Public Interest Accounting1041-70601
Advances in Taxation1058-74972
African Affairs1468-26213
African Finance Journal1605-97861
Agricultural Finance Review0002-14661
Agricultural and Resource Economics Review1068-28051
American Behavioral Scientist0002-76421
American Economic Journal: Applied Economics1945-77823
American Economic Journal: Economic Policy1945-77313
American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics1945-77073
American Economic Journal: Microeconomics1945-76693
American Journal of Psychology0002-95562
American Law and Economic Review1465-72522
Anatolia: An International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Research1303-29171
Annales d'Economie et de Statistique0019-02091
Annals of Economics and Finance1529-73732
Annals of Statistics0090-53644*
Annual Review of Economics1941-13913
Annual Review of Financial Economics1941-13753
Annual Review of Resource Economics1931-13402
Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy (formery"Review of Agricultural Economics")2040-58042
Applied Ergonomics0003-68702
Applied Psychology - Health andWell Being1758-08462
Applied Psychology Measurement0146-62162
Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research1094-16651
Asia-Pacific Financial Markets1387-28342
Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting and Economics1608-16252
Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research0217-59591
Asian Business and Management1472-47822
Asian Economic Journal1351-39581
Asian Economic Papers1535-35161
Asian Review of Accounting1321-73482
Atlantic Economic Journal0197-42541
Australasian Accounting, Business and Finance Journal1834-20001
Australasian Journal of Information Systems1039-78411
Australian Accounting Review1035-69082
Australian Bulletin of Labour0311-63361
Australian Economic History Review1467-84462
Australian Economic Papers0004-900X1
Australian Economic Review0004-90181
Australian Journal of Labour Economics1328-11431
Australian Journal of Labour Economics1328-11431
Australian Journal of Labour Research1328-11431
Australian Journal of Labour Research1328-11431
Australian Journal of Psychology1742-95361
B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy1935-16822
B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics1935-16902
B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics1935-17042
Baltic Journal of Management1746-52651
Bancaria The Journal of the Italian Banking Association0005-46231
Bankhistorisches Archiv0341-62081
Basic and Applied Social Psychology1532-48341
Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies0007-49181
Business & Information Systems Engineering (BISE, includes WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATIK)1867-02022
Business Economics0007-666X1
Business Strategy and The Environment1099-08363
Business and Society0007-65033
Business, Peace and Sustainable Development2051-87571
CESifo Economic Studies1612-75012
Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society1752-13783
Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics0008-39762
Canadian Journal of Behavioral Science-Revue Comedienne des Scie0008-400X1
Canadian Psychology-Psychologie Canadienne0708-55911
Career Development Quarterly0889-40192
Central European Journal of Operations Research1435-246X1
China Finance Review International2044-13981
Cliometrica: Journal of Historical Economics and Econometric History1863-25052
Cognition Technology andWork1435-55581
Communications of the ICISA1533-24541
Community, Work and Family1366-88031
Comptabilite Controle Audit1262-27881
Computational Economics0927-70991
Computational Management Science1619-697X1
Computational Optimization and Applications0926-60033
Computational Statistics1613-96582
Computational Statistics & Data Analysis0167-94733
Computers in Human Behavior0747-56323
Computers in Industry0166-36153
Concurrent Engineering: Research and Applications1531-20031
Constitutional Political Economy1043-40621
Creativity Research Journal1040-04192
Credit and Capital Markets (Kredit und Kapital)0023-45911
Critical Finance Review2164-57601
Current Directions in Psychological Science0963-72143
Current Issues in Auditing1936-12702
Current Psychology1046-13101
Current Sociology0268-58092
Cybernetics and Systems0196-97221
De Economist0013-063X1
Decision Analysis1545-84901
Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education1540-46091
Decisions in Economics and Finance1593-88831
Development and Change0012-155X3
Development and Change1467-76603
Disability and Rehabilitation0963-82882
Discrete Applied Mathematics0166-218X2
Discrete Optimization1572-52862
Dynamic Games and Applications2153-07851
Eastern Economic Journal0094-54561
Eastern European Economics0012-87751
Econometrics (MDPI)2225-11461
Economic Notes0391-50261
Economic Systems Research0953-53142
Economic Theory Bulletin2196-10852
Economic and Social Review0012-99841
Economics and Business Letters2254-43801
Economics and Finance Research2164-94801
Economics and Human Biology1570-667X2
Economics and Politics0954-19852
Economics of Transportation2212-01221
Economies (MDPI)2227-70991
Electoral Studies0261-37943
Electronic Commerce Research and Applications1567-42232
Engineering Optimization0305-215X2
Entreprises et Histoire1161-27702
Environment and Development Economics1355-770X2
Environmental Economics and Policy Studies1432-847X1
Environmental Science and Policy1462-90113
Environmental Science and Technology0013-936X3
Eurasian Geography and Economics1538-72162
European Journal of Health Economics1618-75982
European Journal of Industrial Training0309-05901
European Journal of Law and Economics0929-12611
European Psychologist1016-90401
European Review of Applied Psychology-Revue Europeenne de Psychologie Appliquee1162-90881
European Sociological Review1468-26723
European Sport Management Quarterly1618-47423
European Work and Organizational Psychology in practice1464-06431
Event Management1525-99512
Evidence and Policy1744-26481
Evolutionary Computation1063-65603
FIU Hospitality Review0739-70111
Finance Research Letters1544-61232
Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal (formerly 0920- 6299 'International Journal of Flexible Manufacturing Systems')1936-65821
Forum for Health Economics and Policy1558-95441
Forum for Social Economics0736-09321
Foundations and Trends in Accounting1554-06423
Foundations and Trends in Econometrics1551-30761
Foundations and Trends in Finance1567-23952
Foundations and Trends in Technology, Information and Operations Management1571-95451
Fuzzy Optimization and Decision Making1568-45393
Games (MDPI)2073-43361
Gedrag and Organisatie0921-50771
Geneva Risk and Insurance Review1554-964X2
Geneva Risk and Insurance Review1554-964X2
Geneva Risk and Insurance Review (formerly"Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance Theory" with ISSN 0926-4957)1554-964X2
Geneva Risk and Insurance Review (formerly"Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance Theory" with ISSN 0926-4957)1554-964X2
German Economic Review1465-64852
Global Economy Journal1524-58611
Global Environmental Change0959-37803
Global Networks - A Journal of Transnational Affairs1471-03743
Global Strategy Journal2042-58053
Government Information Quarterly0740-624X3
Growth and Change0017-48152
Health Care Management Review0361-62742
Health Information and Libraries Journal1471-18422
Health Marketing Quarterly0735-96831
Health Policy0168-85102
Health Services Research0017-91243
Health Systems2047-69652
Higher Education0018-15602
Higher Education Policy0952-87332
Hospitality and Society2042-79132
Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing and Services Industries1090-84711
Human Resource Planning0199-89861
IMF Economic Review (formerly IMF Staff Papers with ISSN 1020-7635)2041-41613
INFOR: Information Systems and Operational Research0315-59861
INFORMS Transactions on Education1532-05452
IZA Journal of European Labor Studies2193-90121
IZA Journal of Labor & Development2193-90201
IZA Journal of Labor Economics2193-89972
IZA Journal of Labor Policy2193-90041
IZA Journal of Migration2193-90392
Industrial and Organizational Psychology-Perspectives on Science and Practice1754-94261
Information Systems and e-business Management1617-98462
Information Technology for Development0268-11022
Innovation: Management, Policy and Practice1447-93382
Interdisciplinary Journal of Economics and Business Law2047-87471
International Advances in Economic Research1083-08981
International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health0340-01312
International Economic Journal1016-87371
International Game Theory Review0219-19891
International Journal for Educational and Vocational Change0251-25131
International Journal of Accounting1094-40603
International Journal of Accounting & Information Management1834-76492
International Journal of Aviation Psychology1050-84141
International Journal of Banking, Accounting and Finance1755-38492
International Journal of Cases on Electronic Commerce1548-06151
International Journal of Central Banking1815-46542
International Journal of Computational Economics and Econometrics1757-11891
International Journal of Construction Management1562-35991
International Journal of Critical Accounting1757-98561
International Journal of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research1750-61821
International Journal of Disclosure and Governance1741-35912
International Journal of Ecological Economics and Statistics0973-75371
International Journal of Economic Theory1742-73552
International Journal of Engineering Business Management1847-97901
International Journal of Enterprise Network Management1748-12601
International Journal of Event and Festival Management1758-29541
International Journal of Foresight and Innovation Policy1740-28241
International Journal of Game Theory0020-72762
International Journal of General Systems0308-10791
International Journal of Green Energy1543-50752
International Journal of Happiness and Development2049-27901
International Journal of Health Care Finance and Economics1389-65632
International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management2217-26611
International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics0169-81411
International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering1748-50451
International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management0219-87701
International Journal of Intercultural Relations0147-17671
International Journal of Internet Manufacturing and Services1751-60561
International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising1477-52121
International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management1753-83941
International Journal of Managerial Finance1743-91322
International Journal of Managing Projects in Business1753-83781
International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics1080-35481
International Journal of Operational Research1745-76531
International Journal of Operations and Quantitative Management1082-19101
International Journal of Political Economy0891-19161
International Journal of Psychology0020-75941
International Journal of Public Administration0190-06922
International Journal of Quality and Service Sciences1756-669X1
International Journal of Rehabilitation Research0342-52823
International Journal of Services Operations and Informatics1741-539X1
International Journal of Services and Operations Management1744-23891
International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics1756-65251
International Journal of Sport Finance1558-62351
International Journal of Sport Management1546-234X1
International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing1475-89621
International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics1940-69401
International Journal of Sport and Society2152-78571
International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship1464-66681
International Journal of Technology Intelligence and Planning1740-28401
International Journal of Technology Policy and Management1741-52921
International Journal of Technology Transfer and Commercialisation1741-52841
International Journal of Technology and Globalization1741-81941
International Journal of Training and Development1468-24192
International Journal of Value Chain Management1741-53651
International Negotiation: A Journal of Theory and Practice1382-340X1
International Public Management Journal1096-74792
International Review of Economics and Finance1059-05602
International Review of Environmental and Resource Economics1931-14652
International Review of Public and Non-profit marketing1865-19921
International Sociology0011-39212
International Statistical Review1751-58233
International Technology Management Review2213-71491
Irish Economic and Social History0332-48931
Jahrbucher fur Nationalokonomie und Statistik0021-40271
Japan and the World Economy0922-14251
Japanese Economic Review1352-47391
Japanese Political Economy (formerly"Japanese Economy")2329-194X1
Japanese Psychological Research0021-53681
Japanese and International Economies0889-15832
Journal Financial Economic Policy1757-63851
Journal for Advancement of Marketing Education2326-32961
Journal for Labour Market Research1614-34851
Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems1583-43871
Journal of Accounting and Taxation2141-66641
Journal of Accounting in Emerging Economies2042-11682
Journal of Advertising Education1098-04821
Journal of Agrarian Change1471-03582
Journal of Agricultural & Food Industrial Organization1542-04851
Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics1074-07081
Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics0162-19122
Journal of Air Transport Management0969-69971
Journal of Applied Behaviour Science0021-88632
Journal of Applied Economics1514-03261
Journal of Asia Pacific Business1059-92311
Journal of Asian Economics1049-00781
Journal of Banking Regulation1745-64522
Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics (formerly "Journal of Socio-Economics")1053-53572
Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance2214-63501
Journal of Bioeconomics1387-69961
Journal of Business Ethics Education1649-51951
Journal of Career Assessment1069-07272
Journal of Career Development0894-84531
Journal of China Tourism Research1938-81601
Journal of Community Psychology0090-43922
Journal of Computational Finance1460-15591
Journal of Computer Mediated Communication1083-61013
Journal of Conflict Resolution0022-00273
Journal of Consumer Affairs1745-66062
Journal of Consumer Policy0168-70342
Journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics1815-56692
Journal of Convention and Event Tourism1547-01481
Journal of Corporate Citizenship1470-50011
Journal of Credit Risk1744-66191
Journal of Cross Cultural Psychology0022-02213
Journal of Cultural Economics0885-25452
Journal of Cultural Economy1753-03502
Journal of Decision Systems1246-01251
Journal of Derivatives and Hedge Funds1753-96412
Journal of Econometric Methods2156-66741
Journal of Economic Education0022-04851
Journal of Economic Growth1381-43383
Journal of Economic Inequality1569-17212
Journal of Economic Integration1225-651X1
Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination1860-711X1
Journal of Economics (Zeitschrift fur Nationalokonomie)0931-86582
Journal of Ecotourism1472-40491
Journal of Electronic Commerce Research1526-61331
Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organizations1539-29371
Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting1554-19081
Journal of Employment Counseling0022-07871
Journal of Energy Markets1756-36151
Journal of Engineering and Technology Management0923-47482
Journal of Environmental Management0301-47972
Journal of Environmental Management0301-47973
Journal of European Industrial Training0309-05901
Journal of Family Business Strategy1877-85852
Journal of Family Economic Issues1058-04762
Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management1361-20261
Journal of Financial Management, Markets and Institutions2282-717X1
Journal of Financial Market Infrastructures2049-54041
Journal of Foodservice Business Research1537-80201
Journal of Forensic Accounting1524-55861
Journal of Forensic Studies in Accounting and Business1942-90531
Journal of Forensic and Investigative Accounting2165-37551
Journal of Forest Economics1104-68992
Journal of Gambling Business and Economics1751-80081
Journal of Global Information Technology Management (JGITM)1097-198X2
Journal of Global Marketing0891-17621
Journal of Globalization and Development1948-18371
Journal of Governmental & Nonprofit Accounting2155-38151
Journal of Happiness Studies1389-49781
Journal of Heuristics1381-12313
Journal of High Technology Management Research1047-83102
Journal of Higher Education Policy1360-080X1
Journal of Hospitality Marketing and Management1936-86231
Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Education1096-37581
Journal of Human Resources in Hospitality and Tourism1533-28451
Journal of Income Distribution0926-64371
Journal of Industrial and Business Economics - Economia e Politica Industriale0391-20781
Journal of Industrial and Management Optimization1547-58161
Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade1566-16792
Journal of Information Systems0888-79851
Journal of Information Systems Education1055-30961
Journal of Information Technology - Teaching Cases2043-88691
Journal of Information Technology Management1042-13191
Journal of Information Technology Theory and Applications1532-45161
Journal of Information, Information Technology, and Organizations1557-13271
Journal of Institutional Economics1744-13743
Journal of Intellectual Capital1469-19302
Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing0956-55151
Journal of International Trade and Economic Development0963-81991
Journal of Investment Strategies2047-12461
Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business Research1759-08171
Journal of Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance2070-46581
Journal of Language And Social Psychology0261-927X2
Journal of Latin American Studies0022-216X2
Journal of Legal Studies0047-25303
Journal of Management, Spirituality & Religion1476-60861
Journal of Manufacturing Systems0278-61251
Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice1069-66792
Journal of Marketing for Higher Education0884-12411
Journal of Mathematical Psychology0022-24962
Journal of Media Economics0899-77641
Journal of Modern African Studies0022-278X2
Journal of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis1099-13601
Journal of Multivariate Analysis0047-259X3
Journal of Nonparametric Statistics1048-52522
Journal of Nonverbal Behavior0191-58862
Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation1053-04872
Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine1076-27522
Journal of Operational Risk1744-67402
Journal of Organizational Behavior Education1649-76271
Journal of Pacific Rim Psychology1834-49091
Journal of Personnel Psychology1866-58882
Journal of Policy Analysis and Management0276-87393
Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events1940-79631
Journal of Positive Psychology1743-97601
Journal of Prediction Markets1750-676X1
Journal of Psychology0022-39801
Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting and Financial Management1096-33672
Journal of Public Policy and Marketing1062-726X3
Journal of Quality Assurance in Hospitality and Tourism1528-008X1
Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering1355-25111
Journal of Rehabilitation0022-41541
Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development0748-77112
Journal of Relationship Marketing1533-26671
Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management1476-69302
Journal of Risk1465-12112
Journal of Risk Model Validation1753-95791
Journal of Safety Research0022-43752
Journal of School Psychology0022-44053
Journal of Simulation1747-77781
Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship0827-63311
Journal of Social Psychology0022-45451
Journal of Sport and Tourism1477-50851
Journal of Sports Economics1527-00252
Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference0378-37582
Journal of Systems and Software0164-12122
Journal of Technology Management in China1746-87791
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research0718-18761
Journal of Time Series Analysis1467-98923
Journal of Time Series Econometrics1941-19282
Journal of Transnational Management1547-57781
Journal of Travel and Tourism Research1302-85451
Journal of Trust Research2151-55811
Journal of the American Taxation Association0198-90733
Journal of the Asia-Pacific Economy1354-78601
Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists2333-59553
Journal of the History of Economic Thought1053-83722
Judgment and Decision Making1930-29753
Leisure Sciences0149-04002
MIS Quarterly Executive (MISQ-E)1540-19602
Man and the Economy2196-96471
Management Accounting Quarterly1528-53501
Management Research Review2040-82691
Management and Organization Review1740-87843
Maritime Economics & Logistics1479-29311
Marketing Education Review1052-80081
Mathematical Economics Letters2195-46231
Mathematical Methods of Operations Research1432-29941
Mathematical Social Sciences0165-48962
Measuring Business Excellence1368-30471
Meditari Accountancy Research2049-372X1
Military Psychology0899-56051
Mineral Economics2191-22031
National Tax Journal0028-02832
Natural Resources Journal0028-07391
Networks and Spatial Economics1566-113X2
New Zealand Economic Papers0077-99541
Nordic Psychology1901-22761
North American Journal of Economics and Finance1062-94082
Occupational Medicine0962-74801
Occupational and Environmental Medicine1351-07113
Online Journal of Applied Knowledge Management2325-46881
Operational Research: An International Journal1109-28581
Operations Management Education Review1649-70821
Operations Management Research: Advancing Practice through Theory1936-97351
Opsearch: Journal of the OR Society of India0030-38871
Optimization: A Journal of Mathematical Programming and Operations Research0233-19341
Organizational Psychology Review2041-38662
Oxford Development Studies1360-08182
Pacific Accounting Review0114-05821
Pacific Asia Journal of the Association for Information Systems1943-75442
Pacific Economic Review1361-374X2
Pacific Journal of Optimization1348-91511
Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy1554-85971
Pesquisa Operacional0101-74381
Politics and Society0032-32923
Portuguese Economic Journal1617-982X1
Progress in Human Geography0309-13253
Psychological Reports0033-29411
Psychological Research0340-07273
Psychologie du Travail et des Organisations1420-25301
Psychology of Women Quarterly0361-68433
Public Opinion Quarterly1537-53313
Public Performance & Management Review1530-95761
Qualitative Research in Financial Markets1755-41791
Quality Progress0033-524X1
Quality and Reliability Engineering International0748-80171
Quantitative Economics1759-73233
Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis in Social Sciences1752-89251
Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics1098-37081
Quarterly Journal of Finance2010-13921
Quarterly Journal of International Agricultural0049-85991
Quarterly Journal of Political Science1554-06263
Queuing Systems0257-01302
RAIRO - Operations Research / Recherche Operationnelle0399-05591
Rationality and Society1043-46312
Regional and Federal Studies1359-75661
Regulation and Governance1748-59833
Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin0034-35521
Rehabilitation Psychology0090-55501
Requirements Engineering0947-36022
Research Technology Management: international journal of research management0895-63082
Research in Accounting Regulation1052-04572
Research in Economics1090-94431
Research in Governmental and Non-Profit Accounting0884-07411
Research in Occupational Stress andWell-Being1479-35552
Research in Personnel and Human Resources Management0742-73011
Research in Transportation Economics0739-88591
Research on Professional Responsibility and Ethics in Accounting1574-07651
Resources Policy0301-42072
Review of Accounting and Finance1475-77022
Review of African Political Economy0305-62441
Review of African Political Economy0305-62441
Review of African Political Economy0305-62442
Review of African Political Economy0305-62442
Review of Agricultural Economics (continued by"Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy")1058-71952
Review of Asset Pricing Studies2045-99393
Review of Austrian Economics0889-30471
Review of Behavioral Economics2326-61982
Review of Behavioral Finance1940-59791
Review of Corporate Finance Studies2046-91363
Review of Development Economics1363-66692
Review of Development Finance1879-93372
Review of Economic Analysis1973-39091
Review of Economic Design1434-47422
Review of Economics of the Household1569-52392
Review of Environmental Economics & Policy1750-68242
Review of Law and Economics1555-58792
Review of Marketing Science1546-56161
Review of Network Economics1446-90222
Review of Radical Political Economics0486-61341
Revista de Saude Publica0034-89101
Risk Analysis: An International Journal1460-37994
SERIEs (replaces"Spanish Economic Review" ISBN 1435-5469)1869-41871
SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics1945-497X2
SIAM Journal on Optimization1052-62343
STATA Journal1536-867X2
Scandinavian Economic History Review0358-55221
Scandinavian Journal of Hospitality and Tourism1502-22502
Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems0905-01672
Scandinavian Journal of Psychology0036-55642
Scandinavian Journal of Statistics1467-94693
Scandinavian Journal of Work Environment and Health0355-31403
Science & Society0036-82372
Science & Technology Studies2243-46902
Science, Technology & Human Values0162-24392
Science, Technology and Society0971-72182
Service Science2164-39701
Services Marketing Quarterly1533-29691
Simulation Modeling Practice and Theory1569-190X2
Social Business2044-40871
Social Forces1534-76053
Social Justice Research0885-74661
Social Marketing Quarterly1524-50041
Social Studies of Science0306-31272
Social Work in Public Health1937-19181
Social and Environmental Accountability Journal0969-160X1
South African Journal of Business Management2078-55851
South African Journal of Industrial Psychology0258-52001
South African Journal of Information Management1560-683X1
South African Journal of Labour Relations0379-84101
South African Journal of Psychology0081-24631
South Asia Economic Journal1391-56141
Spanish Accounting Review1988-46721
Spanish Journal of Finance and Accounting0210-24121
Spanish Journal of Psychology1138-74161
Spatial Economic Analysis1742-17722
Sport Management Review1441-35232
Sport Marketing Quarterly1061-69341
Sport, Business and Management: An International Journal2042-678X1
Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology2157-39051
Statistics and Probability Letters0167-71522
Strategic Behavior and the Environment1944-012X1
Stress and Health1532-30052
Supply Chain Forum: an International Journal1625-83121
Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal2040-80212
Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics0303-96921
Swiss Journal of Psychology1421-01851
TOP - An Official Journal of the Spanish Society of Statistics and Operations Research1134-57641
Team Performance Management1352-75921
Tertiary Education and Management1358-38831
Testing, Psychometrics, Methodology in Applied Psychology1972-63251
The EDP Audit, Control, and Security Newsletter0736-69811
The Indian Journal of Industrial Relations0019-52861
The Indian Journal of Industrial Relations0019-53081
The Indian Journal of Industrial Relations0019-53081
The Indian Journal of Labour Economics0019-53081
The Indian Journal of Labour Economics0019-53081
The International Journal of Emerging Markets1746-88091
The International Trade Journal0885-39081
The TQM Journal1754-27311
Theoretical Economics1933-68373
Theoretical Economics Letters2162-20781
ThirdWorld Quarterly0143-65972
Tijdschrift voor economische en sociale geografie0040-747X1
Tourism Review1660-53731
Tourism: An International, Interdisciplinary Journal1332-74611
Visitor Studies1064-55781
West European Politics0140-23823
Work - A Journal of Prevention Assessment and Rehabilitation1051-98151
World Tax Journal1878-49171
Zeitschrift Fuer Arbeits - Und Organisationspscyhologie0932-40891
Zeitschrift fur Psychologie - Journal of Psychology2190-83702
Zeitschrift fur Personalforschung (German Journal of Research in Human Resource Management)0179-64372
Zeitschrift fur Unternehmensgeschichte0342-28521
e-Service Journal1528-82341

Journals whose AJG classification was raised in 2015

I end this presentation with a list of the 172 journals which in 2015 were given a higher classification than the one they were given in 2010.
Academy of Management Journal0001-427344*
Academy of Management Review0363-742544*
Academy of Management, Learning and Education1537-260X34
Accounting Review0001-482644*
Accounting in Europe1744-948012
Accounting, Organizations and Society0361-368244*
Administrative Science Quarterly0001-839244*
American Economic Review0002-828244*
American Journal of Sociology0002-960244*
American Sociological Review0003-122444*
Annals of Finance1614-244612
Annals of Operations Research0254-533023
Annual Review of Sociology0360-057244*
Applied Psychology: An International Review0269-994X23
Asia Pacific Journal of Management0217-456123
Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory0278-038023
British Tax Review0007-187023
Building Research and Information0961-321812
Business Ethics Quarterly1052-150X34
Business History Review0007-680534
Business Horizons0007-681312
Business Process Management Journal1463-715412
Career Development International1362-043612
Computer Supported Cooperative Work0925-972412
Computers and Operations Research0305-054823
Contemporary Accounting Research0823-915034
Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly0010-880412
Corporate Governance: The International Journal of Business in Society1472-070112
Creativity and Innovation Management0963-169012
Critical Perspectives on International Business1742-204312
Econometric Reviews0747-493823
Econometric Theory0266-466634
Economic Systems0939-362512
Economics and Philosophy0266-267112
Economics of Transition, The0967-075012
Electronic Markets1019-678112
Emerging Markets Review1566-014112
Energy Economics0140-988323
Environmental Management0364-152X12
Environmental and Resource Economics0924-646023
European Journal of Operational Research0377-221734
European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology1359-432X23
European Management Review1740-475413
European Review of Agricultural Economics0165-158723
European Review of Economic History1361-491613
Experimental Economics1386-415723
Family Business Review0894-486523
Food Policy0306-919223
Health Care Management Science1386-962012
Health Economics1057-923023
Human Resource Management Journal(UK)0954-539534
Human Resource Management Review1053-482223
IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation1089-778X14
IIE Transactions0740-817X13
Industrial Management and Data Systems0263-557712
Industrial Relations Journal0019-869223
Information Economics and Policy0167-624512
Information Society0197-224323
Information Systems Frontiers1387-332623
Information Systems Research1047-704744*
Information Technology and People0959-384523
Information, Communication and Society1369-118X12
Insurance, Mathematics and Economics0167-668723
International Journal of Accounting Auditing and Performance Evaluation (IJAAPE)1740-800812
International Journal of Accounting Information Systems1467-089512
International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics1741-802X12
International Journal of Consumer Studies1470-642312
International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management0959-611923
International Journal of Finance and Economics1076-930723
International Journal of Hospitality Management0278-431923
International Journal of Operations and Production Management0144-357734
International Journal of Research in Marketing0167-811634
International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management0959-055212
International Journal of Stress Management1072-524512
International Review of Administrative Sciences0020-852323
Investment Management and Financial Innovations1810-496712
Journal of Accounting Research0021-845644*
Journal of Accounting and Economics0165-410144*
Journal of Accounting and Organizational Change1832-591212
Journal of Alternative Investments1520-325512
Journal of Applied Behavioral Science1552-687912
Journal of Brand Management1350-231X12
Journal of Business and Economic Statistics0735-001534
Journal of Combinatorial Optimization1382-690512
Journal of Consumer Psychology1057-740844*
Journal of Consumer Research0093-530144*
Journal of Corporate Finance0929-119934
Journal of Economic Issues0021-362412
Journal of Enterprise Information Management1741-039812
Journal of Environmental Management0301-479723
Journal of Finance0022-108244*
Journal of Financial Econometrics1479-840913
Journal of Financial Economics0304-405X44*
Journal of Financial Intermediation1042-957334
Journal of Financial Stability1572-308913
Journal of Fixed Income1059-859612
Journal of Housing Economics1051-137712
Journal of Interactive Marketing (formerly JDM)1094-996823
Journal of International Accounting, Auditing and Taxation1061-951823
Journal of International Business Studies0047-250644*
Journal of International Development0954-174812
Journal of International Economics0022-199634
Journal of International Management1075-425323
Journal of Labor Economics0734-306X34
Journal of Management0149-206344*
Journal of Management Information Systems0742-122234
Journal of Managerial Psychology0268-394613
Journal of Marketing0022-242944*
Journal of Marketing Research0022-243744*
Journal of Occupational Health Psychology1076-899834
Journal of Operations Management0272-696344*
Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications0022-323923
Journal of Pension Economics and Finance1474-747212
Journal of Political Economy0022-380844*
Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics0895-563823
Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services0969-698912
Journal of Risk and Insurance0022-436723
Journal of Service Research1094-670534
Journal of Supply Chain Management1523-240913
Journal of Sustainable Tourism0966-958213
Journal of Techology Transfer0892-991212
Journal of Travel Research0047-287534
Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing1054-840812
Journal of World Business (formerly Columbia JWB)1090-951634
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science0092-070334
Journal of the Association of Information Systems1536-932334
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series C (Applied Statistics)0035-925423
MIS Quarterly0276-778344*
Management Decision0025-174712
Management Science0025-190944*
Management and Organizational History1744-935912
Managerial Auditing Journal0268-690212
Marketing Science0732-239944*
Marketing Theory1470-593123
Mathematical Programming0025-561034
Multinational Business Review1525-383X12
New Political Economy1356-346723
North American Actuarial Journal1092-027712
Open Economies Review0923-799212
Operations Research0030-364X44*
Organization Science1047-703944*
Organizational Research Methods1094-428134
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and Its Applications0378-437112
Production and Operations Management1059-147834
Public Administration: An International Quarterly0033-329834
Public Management Review1471-903723
Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal1352-275212
Qualitative Research in Accounting and Management1176-609312
Quantitative Finance1469-768823
Quantitative Marketing and Economics1570-715623
Quarterly Journal of Economics0033-553344*
RAND Journal of Economics0741-626134
Real Estate Economics1080-862023
Research Evaluation0958-202912
Research in the Sociology of Organizations0733-558X23
Review of Economic Studies0034-652744*
Review of Finance (formerly European Finance Review)1572-309734
Review of Financial Studies0893-945444*
Review of Political Economy0953-825912
Social Choice and Welfare0176-171423
Socio-Economic Review1475-146123
Sociological Methodology0081-175023
Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal1932-439134
Strategic Management Journal0143-209544*
Strategic Organization1476-127023
Structural Change and Economic Dynamics0954-349X12
Tourism Recreation Research0250-828112
Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment1361-920923
Work and Stress0267-837323

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