Who are the Publishers of Computer Science Research?


To answer this question, I downloaded the DBLP database and used the DOI publisher prefix of each publication to determine its publisher. I grouped the 3.4 million entries by publisher and joined the numeric prefixes with the publisher names available in the list of Crossref members. Based on these data, here is a pie chart of the major publishers of computer science research papers.

Computer Science Publishers The chart lists the top-20 publishers from the about 150 found in the DBLP database. The IEEE leads with 44% of the total. Then comes Springer with 21%, Elsevier with 12%, and ACM with 9%. All the rest publish fewer than 2% of the papers. The accuracy of this information obviously depends a lot on the extent of DBLP’s coverage and also on the covered venues selection correctness. Some publishers use multiple prefixes, because they have acquired others in the past. I have merged the most important cases.

Technical Details

I created the list by orchestrating a few Unix command pipelines with the following Makefile.

# Ensure all commands use the same collating order
export LC_ALL=C

# Final result: number of papers by each publisher
cspublisher.txt: csworks.txt publisher.txt
        join -t'    ' publisher.txt csworks.txt | \
                sort -t'    ' -k3rn | \
                awk -F' ' '{print $$3 "\t" $$2}' >$@

# List of publisher prefixes
publisher.txt: 51depositor.html
        sed -n 's/<td><A href="javascript:fred([^)]*)">\([^<]*\).*prefix=\([^"]*\).*/\2\t\1/p' $? | \
        sort >$@

# Obtain Crossref members
        wget 'https://www.crossref.org/06members/51depositor.html'

# Number of works per publisher DOI prefix
csworks.txt: dblp.xml
        sed -n 's/<ee>http:\/\/[^/]*\/\([^/]*\).*/\1/p' $? | \
                sort | \
        uniq -c | \
        awk 'BEGIN{OFS="\t"} {print $$2, $$1}' | \
                sort >$@

# Obtain ucompressed version of DBLP
        curl http://dblp.uni-trier.de/xml/dblp.xml.gz | gzip -dc >$@

Running make on this file, will execute the following commands.

# Obtain DBLP
curl http://dblp.uni-trier.de/xml/dblp.xml.gz | gzip -dc >dblp.xml

# Print publisher prefixes
sed -n 's/<ee>http:\/\/[^/]*\/\([^/]*\).*/\1/p' dblp.xml |
   # Sort them
   sort |
   # Count them
   uniq -c |
   # Generate list as prefix, tab, number of publications
   awk 'BEGIN{OFS="\t"} {print $2, $1}' |
   # Order by publisher prefix
   sort >csworks.txt

# Obtain Crossref members as an HTML file
wget 'https://www.crossref.org/06members/51depositor.html'

# Extract the prefix and name of each publisher from the HTML
sed -n 's/<td><A href="javascript:fred([^)]*)">\([^<]*\).*prefix=\([^"]*\).*/\2\t\1/p' 51depositor.html |
   # Order by publisher prefix
   sort >publisher.txt

# Join publisher number of publications with publisher names
join -t'        ' publisher.txt csworks.txt |
   sort -t'        ' -k3rn |
   awk -F' ' '{print $3 "\t" $2}' >cspublisher.txt

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