Raspberry Pi Zero vs Elliott 405


Twitter users @SadHappyAmazing and @HistoricalPics posted yesterday two photographs (copy) showing the Raspberry Pi Zero juxtaposed in front of the Norwich City Council Treasurer's Department building, where the delivery of the Elliott 405 computer was photographed in 1957. Here is how the two computers compare.

58 Years on...

Measure Elliott 405 Raspberry Pi Zero
Elliott 405 Raspberry Pi Zero
Year 1957 2015
Price £85,000 (1957) $5
Instruction cycle time 10.71-0.918 ms (93-1089 Hz) 1 ns (1 GHz clock)
Main memory 16 kB drum store 512 MB LPDDR2 SDRAM
Fast memory 1280 bytes (nickel delay lines) 32 kB (16 kB I + 16kB D L1 cache)
Secondary memory 1.2 MB (300,000 word magnetic film) 8 GB (typical micro SD flash card - not included)
Output bandwidth 25 characters/s 373 MB/s (1080p60 HDMI)
Weight 3-6 tons 9 g
Size 21 cabinets, each 2m x 77cm x 77cm 65mm x 30mm x 5.4mm

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