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Most of us don't have enough time to blog every day. Given that blogging ideas can often be pending for days, which is the best day to publish them?

To answer this question I analyzed half a million accesses to specific pages of my blog, and looked at the number of accesses to a blog entry's index file by the day of the week. The following chart illustrates my findings.
Blog accesses by day of week
The accesses follow a cyclical pattern. (I'd welcome explanations for this.) Most seem to occur on Wednesdays, with a notable dip on Sundays. So, the best day to publish a web entry seems to be on a Wednesday. Note, that these findings are for a UTC + 2 timezone (Athens, Greece). I would expect the results for somebody living in the US west coast to be half a day off. Furthermore, note that Im posting this on a Thursday; blogging should be about spontaneity, rather than careful marketing calculations.

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