Eric K. Clemons on Monetizing the Net Without Advertising


Earlier today I attended a very interesting and entertaining talk that Eric K. Clemons, Professor of Operations and Information Management and Management at Wharton, gave on Internet business models that don't rely on advertising.

Clemon's thesis was that advertising is dying; people don't believe the ads, or, worse, they filter them out completely (according to his research most people haven't noticed that flickr carries ads). It would be a pitty to pretend the net is just an alternative for selling beer. Alternative promising business models he proposed are the following:

  • Learning about preferences, individul, or emerging societal preferences
  • Selling actual stuff
  • Selling virtual stuff
  • Revenues from content and experiences
  • Selling referals from network friends
  • Selling referrals from snooping
  • Selling referrals to mobile users

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