Disappearing Hardware


Let's start the new year with a retrospective look at hardware advances. I've ordered some older and current hard disks that were lying around by date. We're taking for granted the increases in disk size, but also impressive is the reduction in size of the control electronics.

1994 Seagate 1994: Seagate ST3491A (425MB, 899C, 15H, 62S)
1995 Quantum 1995: Quantum Trailblazer 3.5 (420MB, 1010C, 16H, 55S)
2002 Maxtor 2002: Maxtor D740X-6L (80GB, 2H, 15Z, 58970C, 457-837S)
2002 Western Digital 2002: Western Digital WD600 (60GB, 5H)
2005- Seagate Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 ST3200826A (200GB)

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