UMLGraph Update


I have updated the UMLGraph program to run under Java 1.5.

The update entailed converting all the container code to use generics, and adding support for displaying enumerations as stereotyped primitive types. Still missing is support for vararg methods and generic types. My commitments being what they are, I have to work on this in small steps; I realized this was the only way to go, after four months passed without finding time to perform a "big bang" conversion.

The conversion of the source code to generics was quite painless, even enjoyable. I removed from the compiler the -source 1.4 option, and followed the warnings and errors. In a few cases I changed some elements proactively to avoid multiple edit-compile cycles, and that was it. As I often say, "the compiler is your friend."

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Last modified: Saturday, March 26, 2005 5:29 pm

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