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MP3 Mixer

The MP3 mixer allows you to create, edit, and play mixed sequences of MP3 (MPEG layer 3) files. A mixed sequence is a series of entries with overlapping ends. At the overlapping end the entry that ends is will fade-out in sound amplitude, while the entry that starts will fade-in. Using the mixer you can visualy define and inspect the points where the entries overlap, define the location and slope of the fade-in and fade-out portions, view and alter the ordering of the entries within the sequence, and play the final result.

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Change History

Fri Aug 10 18:55:02 2001
Removed "File not found" problem caused by paths with embedded spaces. MP3 files.
Displays hourglass while playing with built-in mixer.
Fixed crash in the mixer engine when very small files were mixed.
Clarified some menu items and added an icon.
Mon May 01 21:55:59 2000
Mixer now works as an OLE drop target for MP3 files.
Fixed File-New crash
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