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My academic title contains the words management support technologies. I therefore considered the new and efficient document management and dispatch system I saw in use at my health insurance provider a rare gem, worthy of inclusion in this blog.

A document dispatch technology
The supermarket trolley contains files that the organization's employees cart around the building. The health insurance and pension provider, TSMEDE, insures by law all Greek engineers. All transactions take place through a personal visit in which one typically has to endure hour-long queuing; real engineers don't use the web. And with technology such as the above, what more should somebody wish?

PS Taking the picture was not uneventful. First, a private security guard complained that his head was caught in the picture and wouldn't let me leave the room. We settled to photograph the trolley alone, and delete the other picture. Then, when I was leaving, his boss prevented me from exiting the building. He claimed that taking photographs in that (public) building was not allowed (no such notice was posted anywhere). He further said that the president wanted to come down to have a word with me, and asked me to wait while he was making some phone calls. After five minutes of waiting I got tired: I said I would call the police, and started dialing on my mobile phone. This seemed to confuse the guards, and gave me an opportunity to swiftly exit and ride away. When I looked back, the guard was at the door hailing abuse toward me. The excitements of blogging...

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