Wikipedia Link logo Wikipedialize: Add Wikipedia Links to Any Web Page You Want

Often you encounter on the web writings you'd like to explore more. This page provides you tools to add links to Wikipedia to any web page you want.

Step 1: To which Wikipedia do you want to link?

Select the language of the Wikipedia you want to link to.

Step 2: Link it!

You can create Wikipedia links in one of three easy ways:

by specifying a page's URL

If you know the page's URL you can simply write it (or copy-paste it from your browser's toolbar) to the box below. Press the "Wikipedialize" button, and you're done!

Page URL:

by adding a Wikipedia link button to your own pages

Add Wikipedia links

You can add Wikipedia linking to your own pages by simply copy-pasting the following text into your page's HTML code. Your page will then contain a button, like the one on the left, that anybody can click on to obtain your page with Wikipedia links added to it.

<a href="">
<img src=""
title="Add Wikipedia links"
alt="Add Wikipedia links" /></a>

by adding a Wikipedialize button to your Firefox browser

If you're using the Firefox browser, you can download a small extension from this link. This will provide you a browser toolbar button that you can always press to add Wikipedia links to the page you're viewing. After you've downloaded the extension, open it in your browser to install it (if your browser didn't install it when you clicked on the link.) Then restart the browser, and simply go through the menu sequence "View - Toolbars - Customize", and drag the Wikipedialize button to your browser's toolbar.

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