Citations in the Text

The are a number of established forms for referencing a citation in the publication text. The reference should be unambiguous and the format used should be consistent. Some popular styles include:
as in [Spi97] (single author) or [WKS82] (multiple authors) or [Knu88b] (multiple works for the same author and year).
as in [12]. Citations are then numbered by order of occurence in the document or by the order they appear when sorted by the author names.
Supersctipt number
as in12 numbered as described in the previous case.
Author (year)
as in Spinellis (1997) or Kernighan and Ritchie (1978), or (Knuth 1981). Append a lowercase letter (a, b, c) for multiple works by the same author in the same year. The format Author (year) is used in narrative form as used by Knuth (1983), while the format (Author year) is used when the reference is outside the flow of the text (Knuth 1983). We recomment against using this reference style as it confuses bilbiographic tools without offering any significant benefits.
Choose the format appropriate for the publication you are writing for and use it consistently. We prefer the first format, as it is helps us identify the reference in the text, and is efficiently supported by BibTeX.