Citation Elements

The following list includes all elements that can appear in citations. Author and editor lists are separeted by "and" in BibTeX files; in citations they are typically separated by a comma, with an "and" appearing before the last one.
AddressPublisher's address. For major ones just the city
AuthorFirst Last or Last, First. Multiple are separated by and
BooktitleTitle properly capitalised
ChapterA chapter number
EditionEdition of the book, e.g. second
EditorFirst Last or Last, First. Multiple are separated by and
HowPublishedIf it was published in a strange way
InstitutionInstitution that published it
JournalJournal name. Abreviations may exist ($TEXINPUTS/*.bst)
KeyUsed for alphabetizing and creating a label when no author
MonthMonth of publication, usual abbreviations
NoteAdditional information to help the reader
NumberNumber of a journal magazine to TR.
OrganizationOrganization sponsoring the conference.
PagesPage numbers or range.
PublisherPublisher's name.
SchoolName of the school where the thesis was written.
SeriesThe name of a series or set of books.
TitleThe work's title.
TypeType of a technical report e.g. Research Note
VolumeThe volume of a journal or multivolume book.
YearThe year of publication. Numerals only."