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2.1Testing Extreme Conditions28
2.2Example Values for Testing an End-Exclusive Asymmetric Range28
2.3Ranges of Integer Quantities49
2.4Argument Type Checking at Different Stages of a Program's Lifetime58
2.5Enforcing a Class's Usage in C++68
3.1A List of Open Network Ports on a Unix Server105
3.2A List of Open Network Ports on a Windows Workstation106
3.3The Stack During the ftpd} Buffer Exploitation Attack109
3.4Unwinding the Stack (default case)110
3.5Unwinding the Stack During the Exploit111
3.6Unsafe C Functions and their Safer Alternatives116
3.7The Java 2 Platform SE 5.0 Permissions142
4.1Timing Profile Characterization, Diagnostic Tools, and Resolution Options158
4.2Overhead Introduced by Context Switching and Interprocess Communication183
4.3Overhead Introduced by Slower Peripherals191
5.1Representation of Primitive Types Under Different Architectures210
5.2Structure Element Alignment on the AMD64 Architecture216
5.3Memory Layout of a Small Program under Different Architectures and Operating Systems230
5.4Successive Address Space Limitations and their Interim Solutions237
5.5Effects of Build Options on Program Size280
6.1Portability Issues Under Different Development Platforms290
6.2Java Platform Standard Character Encodings312
6.3Locale-Specific Fields314
7.1Maintenance Index Parameters327
7.2WebServerConnection Methods and the Fields they Use340
7.3Similar (Cohesive) and Dissimilar Methods in the WebServerConnection Class341
7.4Methods that Can Access a Class Member for Different Types of Access Control421
8.1Examples of the Different Rounding Modes470
8.2Key Properties of the Different Floating-Point Formats473
8.3Operations and Operands that Can Result in Exceptions496

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