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Top Researchers in Computer Science and Informatics

Today the European Research Council announced the 105 recipients of its prestigious advanced research grants in physics and engineering. Eight proposals got selected by the Computer Science and Informatics panel. As I had also applied for an ERC advanced research grant, I followed the results with considerable interest. Given the highly competitive nature of the program and the carefully designed proposal and evaluation procedure, the selected proposals make an interesting reading; the winners are clearly the researchers and projects to watch in the future.

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Wikipedia Faces no Limits to Grow

Although there have been many studies on Wikipedia, little attention has been given to the limits to its growth. As Wikipedia is expanding, it is possible that new concepts are added without having corresponding articles, or that the number of new concepts grows slower than the number of articles. In the first case, Wikipedia's coverage will deteriorate as it will contain articles drowned in an increasing number of undefined concepts. In the second case, Wikipedia's growth may stall. A new study, which my colleague Panagiotis Louridas and I published in the August 2008 issue of the Association for Computing Machinery flagship magazine Communications of the ACM, shows that Wikipedia sits comfortably between the two extremes.

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Eric K. Clemons on Monetizing the Net Without Advertising

Earlier today I attended a very interesting and entertaining talk that Eric K. Clemons, Professor of Operations and Information Management and Management at Wharton, gave on Internet business models that don't rely on advertising.

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