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A Programmer's Bookshelf

A first year student at a nearby university wrote to me asking for advice on becoming a hacker (according ESR's definition, he clarified). He sent me a laundry-list of 18 programming languages he aimed to learn by the time he graduated, and asked for other recommendations. I've learned a lot from reading books, so I compiled two reading lists for him.

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Handling Traffic

In an earlier blog entry I described ACM's imaginative way to handle web site downtime. Today I noticed that the web site of the Berlin Philharmonic uses an equally imaginative (and low-tech) way to handle excessive web traffic.

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Cooperative Development at the Speed of Light

The agility and responsiveness of major open-source endeavors never ceases to amaze me.

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Abstraction and Variation

“Master, a friend told me today that I should never use the editor’s copy-paste functions when programming,” said the young apprentice. “I thought the whole point of programming tools was to make our lives easier,” he continued.

The Master stroked his long grey beard and pressed the busy button on his phone. This was going to be one of those long, important discussions.

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