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A Solution for Web Citations

In 2003 I published a study providing evidence that the half life of a web citation was four years. WebCite offers a neat solution to this problem.

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SQO-OSS Launched

Yesterday my research group and our partners officially launched the SQO-OSS research project: a Software Quality Observatory for Open Source Software.

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Research in Domain Specific Languages

My research colleague Vassilis Karakoidas is working on better programming support for domain specific languages (DSLs). Today he claimed that DSLs were hyped during 1998-2002, and now interest has waned.

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Web Page Hits,'s Sales Rank, and Actual Sales

Over the past three years I've been collecting the Sales Rank for my book Code Reading: The Open Source Perspective, and (lately) also for its sequel Code Quality: The Open Source Perspective. Yesterday I mapped the sales rank to actual sales, and correlated those with significant events and hits on the book's web page.

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Code Finessing

When I set out to apply CScout on the Linux kernel source code, I discovered that it failed to correctly expand a couple of C macros, causing the analysis to fail. This prompted me to reimplement CScout's macro expansion using a precise functional specification, then optimize the code's severe degradation in time performance, and finally tidy up the optimized code mess.

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