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Who Will Edit the Editors?

I am often asked to review papers that are written in a language only superficially resembling English. In a few cases the writing is so confused that I return the manuscript, asking for it to be edited by a native speaker of English. I realize that writing proper English is an additional hurdle for, possibly brilliant, scientists who are not native speakers of English, and I often wondered how authors could address this problem. Apparently, there are companies that will edit scientific papers for a modest fee.

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If STL Had Been Designed by a Committee

I've been reading on XML schema, and it's embarrassingly obvious that it has been designed by a committee.

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A Clash of Two Cultures

I dug the following gem from the Usenix HotOS X Conference Panel titled "Do we work within existing frameworks or start from scratch?", summarized by Prashanth Bungale.

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