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Solving Singh's Substitution Cipher

Many of us enjoy playing with encryption algorithms. Simon Singh, before a book promotion trip to Greece, published a "substitution cipher with a twist". I would consider solving a substitution cipher aimed at the general public unfair, but the "twist" made me curious.

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A Pipe Namespace in the Portal Filesystem

The portal filesystem allows a daemon running as a userland program to pass descriptors to processes that open files belonging to its namespace. It has been part of the *BSD operating systems since 4.4 BSD. I recently added a pipe namespace to its FreeBSD implementation. This allows us to perform scatter gather operations without using temporary files, create non-linear pipelines, and implement file views using symbolic links.

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Vatican's Prescient Web Masters

The Vacancy of the Apostolic See web page appears to have been prepared one day BEFORE the Pope's death.

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