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UMLGraph Update

I have updated the UMLGraph program to run under Java 1.5.

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A Plea for Usability Design in Children's Electronic Toys

I am not particularly fond of children's electronic toys, but they constantly arrive at home as presents, and they also attract the children's attention. Unfortunately, the usability aspects of most electronic toys for toddlers and children appear to be ignoring important and well-established principles of user interface design.

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Self-Healing Systems Will Age

A number of researchers are advocating the adoption of self-healing approaches as a way to create more robust systems. They suggest to copy a page from the book of life, where organisms with a self-healing capability can survive numerous mishaps and accidents. However, biological systems have another property, which I believe is associated with their ability to heal themselves: ageing, and, eventually, death.

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Dear Editor

Machines should work. People should think.

— Richard Hamming

Dear Editor,
I know that you are nowadays often taken for granted, and that many programmers consider you a relic of an older age. Yet, programmers continue to spend an inordinate amount of time with you, and often listen to your advice. As you have no doubt observed I am often mistreated; in this letter I have written my most common grievances hoping you can convince them programmers to behave better toward me in the future.

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