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XML Versus Text Files

The JDepend package dependency analyzer can output its results either as XML or as plain text. Instead of using the XML output, I found myself processing the text output using awk. Am I becoming tied to old-world thinking, or are text files easier to process?

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The Efficiency of Java and C++, Revisited

A number of people worked on replicating the results and optimizing the programs I listed in my earlier blog entry.

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An Open Source Java Metrics Toolset Is Hard to Find

I spent many hours looking for a stand-alone open source metrics toolset for Java programs. Unfortunately, I was not able to find a single tool that would fit my (relatively modest) requiremets.

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The Efficiency of Java and C++

I seem to have trouble convincing my neo-Turk students that Java's design makes it inherently less efficient than C++. The arguments often and up in an exchange of comments like:
— This (micro) benchmark executes with the same speed when written in Java and C.
— Yes, but a realistic application, like Eclipse takes ages to start up.
— You are only complaining about the cost of the runtime startup costs and JIT compilation, which are quickly amortized, and, anyway, Eclipse offers many more features than other IDEs.
and so on. I therefore wrote a small program to demonstrate the exact problems of Java's design decisions.

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Macro-based Substitutions in Source Code

A friends asks: "How can one easily replace a method call (which can contain arguments with brackets in its invocation code) with a simple field access?

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Maintainability of the FreeBSD System

Last November Ioannis Samoladas and his colleagues published an article in the Communications of the ACM [1] that compared the maintainability of open-source versus-closed source projects. I applied the maintainability index [2] they used on the FreeBSD source repository following the code's maintainability over time, and comparing the maintainability of different modules. Here are the results.

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