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Who Maintains the GNU Plotutils?

The GNU plotutils package contains a reimplementation of a pic language processor. I find pic invaluable for drawing diagrams; in fact the sequence diagram editor in my UMLGraph system, depends on it. The current version is 2.4.1, and was released in July 2000 - almost four years ago. I have discovered two bugs, but no one seems to be maintaining the package. This is unfortunate.

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Lack of Progress in Palm Applications

An article in slashdot recently discussed the limitations in the current breed of Palm handhelds. I am glad somebody has pointed out the lack of progress in the palmtop market. My 12-year old HP-100LX is literally falling appart, yet I can not find a worthwhile replacement.

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Measuring the Effect of Shared Objects

For the Code Quality book I am writing I wanted to measure the memory savings of shared libraries. On a lightly loaded web server these amounted to 80MB, on a more heavilly loaded shell access machine these ammounted to 300MB.

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