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Accuracy and Precision in Scientific Publications

The interesting article by Paper, Rodger and Simon, Voice Says it All in the Navy, (Communications of the ACM 47(8):97-101, August 2004), is tarred by an unfortunate and, sadly, increasingly common error. In the article's tables and explanatory text the authors report their results with an unwarranted precision of three significant digits: 71.4, 42.9, 57.1, and so on.

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Involving Students With Open Source Projects

A Slashdot story titled OSDDP: Involving Students With Open Source Docs prompted me to describe my experiences with the Software Comprehension and Maintenance course I am teaching. The reactions from the—difficult to please—slashdot crowd were surprisingly positive and friendly.

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A Toddler Discovers Globalization

A toddler decided to explore and uncover the production chain behind his touch-and-feel book.

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Apple's Presence in Greece Appears to be a Joke.

Earlier today I tried to buy an Airport Express base station by visiting what appeared to be an Apple store in Stournari street: the road in Athens with the largest physical concentration of computer shops.

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Cracker Code Review

According to a popular myth, crackers are computer whiz kids: brilliant software developers who run circles around their "peers" in the corporate world. When my undergraduate student Achilleas Anagnostopoulos sent me a pointer to the source code of the Microsoft GDIPlus.DLL JPEG Parsing Engine Buffer Overflow exploit, I decided to test the myth by performing a code review of the exploit's source code. The results are not flattering for the exploit's developers: no self-respecting professional would ever write production code of such an abysmally low quality. Sorry M4Z3R.

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