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How Not to Conduct a Poll

Recently the ACM Council asked members to provide feedback on the issue of expanding legal protections for collections of data by means of an on-line poll. Opening the policy feedback decision-making process to the ACM membership promotes member participation and transparency. However, I have two serious reservations regarding the way the member feedback was requested.

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Writing, GUIs, and 4000 Years of Progress

The images speak for themselves.

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Changes in Web Site Rankings

My colleague Prof. Gianakoudakis performed an interesting comparative study. He compared the quality of the web sites of all Greek ministries (government departments for our US readers) in terms of the currency of their material, communication, usability, and the underlying technology. An interesting element of the study is the relative change of the ranking of each web site from 2002 to 2003, as can be seen in the following table:

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